Les amis de l'orgue de Saint Laurent de Cambo

The mixed choir “Arraga-Abesbatza” gives a concert for the benefit of the project


This Sunday, October 10 at 4:30 pm, Arraga gives a concert.

Please, come in large numbers to the church of Saint Laurent de Cambo.
There will be emotion on the program with Basque songs.

©Choeur Arraga

With this concert, the mixed choir Arraga Abesbatza validates the interest of the project to equip the church of Cambo with a new baroque organ.

We hope that the public will come in large numbers

The association les amis de l’orgue Saint-Laurent de Cambo will receive the profits of this concert to help finance the new organ.

This concert is an opportunity to discover the renovated Saint Laurent church

The church proudly displays its colors found after a thorough restoration.

Vue du choeur récemment rénové de l'église Saint Laurent de Cambo


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