Les amis de l'orgue de Saint Laurent de Cambo
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About the acquisition project of a baroque organ for the church St Laurence in Cambo

Pedagogical project

Discovery classes Musikarentzat envolvement Spreading of an organistic culture Development of an attractive spot

How to build the Cambo’s organ

The new organ will have two 56 notes keyboard and a 30 notes pedal-board

Le choeur Arraga en concert dans l'église saint Laurent de Cambo

Spreading of an organistic culture

Promoting local ressources : The brass and reed band of Cambo
The ARRAGA mixed choir
The ARNAGA quartet
Music schools

Organisation of masterclasses

In collaboration with the Ciboure organ and managed by organist Thomas Ospital, keyboard harmonization teacher at the National Music Academy of Paris

Welcome !

You’re welcome to join our association, Friends of the St Lawrence Organ of Cambo. We present you our ambitious but necessary goal : to equip Cambo’s church with a baroque organ.

The current organ is a small 19th century instrument, with a parlour organ size. It struggles to fulfill its role of liturgical support and is unsuitable for use in concert

The present organ in the church St Lawrence of Cambo

Thomas Ospital is our advisor for the project of the new organ in conjunction with his former professor Philippe Lefèvre, president of Orgue en France and co-owner of the great organ of N. D. de Paris

Our ambition: to provide the church of Saint Laurent de Cambo with a quality instrument that will have a triple mission 

Cultural :

In order to promote the organ music and musics able to be associated to organ ( by exemple, cooperation with the Quatuor Arnaga

Liturgical :

The organ will be able to contribute to the beauty of the liturgical celebrations

Pedagogic :

The new baroque organ shall become an attraction spot for the organ class of Bayonne conservatory Music classes of local schools will be shown over the organ. The association shall support the launch of “masterclasses” by Thomas Ospital in connection with the Dutch style baroque organ of Ciboure

David Rachet ( brass and reed band of Cambo ) confirm the pedagogic interest to discover a baroque organ.

Muzikarentzat, the Cambo music school will be at the heart of numerous projects around the new organ. In the following video, Josiane Dionau, Muzikarentzat vice-president comments :

Esteban Landart (organ teacher at the St Sebastian and Bayonne music school), Thomas Ospital (teacher at the Paris National Music school and co-owner of St Eustache
organ) and Jesús Martin Moro ( teacher at the Pau music school) are honorary members of our association)

Thomas Ospital knows well the actual St Laurence of Cambo Organ : This picture shows he play the instrument to evaluate it

Cambo and his Church of St. Lawrence

The church of Cambo was built in the 17th century and listed as a historic monument.

The church of Cambo

Its acoustics are excellent and stand out due to its low reverberation. The volume available for the new organ, respecting the existing galleries, is relatively limited.

The organ as it is today

This is the reason we will make our choice among baroque instruments from southern Germany inspired by the organ builder Gottfried Silbermann.

Sculpture representing Gottfried Silbermann

This kind of organ, opposite our magnificent baroque altarpiece, will fit harmoniously into the church.

(Église st Laurent de Cambo)

The next steps will be the definitive project building, a tender by the municipality to find organ builders and the launch of the fundraising campaign.

Our fundraising campaign will offer to you the opportunity to sponsor a pipe. With this great project we hope to attract some potential patrons. They will be able to offer components of the organ (one or more whole stops, keyboards, and so on…)

People interested in our project can already become members of the Association (Friends of the Saint Laurent organ of Cambo) by writing to the Multiservices Centre of Cambo, 14 rue de la mairie. The annual membership fee has been set at 20 euros.

Our aim is that the church should be equipped with a remarkable, attractive instrument which does not weigh more than a banal modern organ in the finances of the municipality. In the end, the municipality will remain the owner of the new organ and we hope that within a few years the Camboards will be proud of this new element of their common heritage

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