Les amis de l'orgue de Saint Laurent de Cambo

Donation and sponsorship

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To realize our project of building a baroque organ requires a lot of money, that’s why we need your help.

You can help us

We propose you to become a sponsor of one or more pipes of the organ. Your donations will help us make this wonderful project a reality.

We thinked about you

The Directorate General of French Public Finance acknowledged, by letter dated 15 May 2019, the general interest nature of our association and its eligibility to issue tax receipts to persons who make donations to it (art. 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code). Donations are eligible for an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount paid, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income.

This means, for example, that sponsoring a 230 euro pipe actually costs you only 75.90 euros after tax deduction.

To receive your tax receipt, please click on the contact page and leave us your full address in the message so that we can send you the receipt


To thank you for your donation your name will be listed in the donor list on the website

Sponsors will be listed as such on the website. They will receive the illustrated organ presentation booklet and an invitation for two to a concert with the organ within the year.

As a reminder, we turn to a baroque instrument inspired by Gottfried Silbermann.
The organ will have about 1,000 pipes and its case will be able to extend up to the vault of the church on a height of 8 meters. The dimensions of the new organ will be 60% bigger.

Sketch of the idea of the dimensions of the future instrument

For the sponsorship we are thinking of establishing a sum per pipe stop size.

Example of pipes: mouth and reed pipes

A set will be composed of pipes of different sizes:

Illustration of an organ set

We suggest you choose from the following formulas

Pipes of a 2-feet set : There will be 2 sets of this type : Oktave and Waldflöte

Pipes of the only set “Nasat” of 3 feet

Pipes in a set of 4 feet

Or 8 feet pipes

Or pipes in a 16 feet set : there are two sets of this type : Subass and Posaunen

Thomas Ospital explains why the cost of building an organ is high

David Rachet promises beautiful concerts to support the project :
With the Harmonie (reed & brass band) de Cambo
With the Symphony Orchestra of the Basque Country
But also as trumpet soloist

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