Les amis de l'orgue de Saint Laurent de Cambo

Spreading of an organistic culture

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The discovery of an organ is a moment you don’t forget.

It will be possible to plan organ visits for children of primary classes but also for music classes of the Cambo middle school. Schoolchildren will be able to immerse themselves in the very special world of the organ thanks to an adapted initiation and the experience of a new sound continent generated by this beautiful instrument.

Muzikarentzat, the music school of Cambo, will be at the heart of the many dynamics to be put in place with the arrival of the new organ in the church of Saint Laurence of Cambo. In the video below, Josianne Dionnau, Vice-President of Muzikarentzat, explains :

David Rachet, who conducts the Harmonie de Cambo and coordinates the Symphony Orchestra of the Basque Country, validates the pedagogical interest of the discovery of an organ :

Whether it is to support the financing of the project or to share highlights with the new organ, David Rachet tells us about the many possibilities for concerts :

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