Les amis de l'orgue de Saint Laurent de Cambo

Organisation of masterclasses

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The MasterClass

It’s an interpretation course given by an expert to professional. The Master Class is seen as a development with the sharing of experience.

The expert works with one student at a time while all students listen and observe. The more advanced student will play a piece he has prepared and the expert will give him advice on how to play it.

Organisation of organ master-classes also in connection with the organ of Ciboure

A collaboration with Ciboure would be ideal (and quite envisaged) because it would offer participants the availability of two baroque organs of very different styles.

Thomas Ospital , honorary member of the association and principal consultant organist for our project, is expected to lead these masterclasses.

His great qualities as a teacher (he is also professor of keyboard harmonization at the Paris National Conservatory) and his notoriety are capable of attracting students even beyond our borders.

The Friends of the Organ Association and the Municipality of Cambo are already ready to support this project

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